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Healing Arts

Yoga, Meditation, and Mindful Practices

Welcome to River's Edge

At River's Edge Healing Arts Center, we believe that by transforming ourselves we transform our community.

We offer yoga and meditation as well as other mindful practices and healing modalities that lead each individual to awakening their inner strength. We meet ourselves where we are with compassion, humor, and grace. 


John ButleR

Coordinator (former)

Sunshine Lady House for Mental Health Wellness and Recovery

"The Sunshine Lady House for Mental Health Wellness and Recovery serves individuals that are in recovery from mental health and/or substance use crisis. The people we serve come from all walks and seasons of life, and all are dealing with traumatic events that have disrupted their lives. Wellness treatment for these citizens is multi-faceted, holistic, and includes the extraordinary talents of yoga instructor, Lynn McFadden.

Lynn really understands the individual needs of each of our program participants, and tailors her classes to everyone’s physical abilities. What sets Lynn apart is her ability to connect with the class through an authentic caring for their wellbeing. Many of our participants have never tried yoga before, and Lynn takes the time to make them feel comfortable and feel able. They leave her class empowered to want to continue their journey toward actualized wellness.


Lynn personifies spirit, energy, and professionalism, and we are so thankful for her."

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